Sports Injury and Bio-mechanical Assessment

Biomechanical assessment 

The osteopaths at Bedworth Active Health Clinic are trained to treat, diagnose, rehabilitate and importantly prevent sports injuries such as torn muscles, ligament tears and tendon injuries, in anybody partaking in elite or casual sports.

In addition to their expertise and experience in treating sports injuries, the team of osteopaths at Bedworth Active Health Clinic have first-hand knowledge and a deep understanding of the problems that can afflict sportsmen and women.

We can perform a bio-mechanical assessment with a view to improving performance and preventing injury, by restoring balance if there is excessive or uneven load being placed on certain areas of the body.

Biomechanical assessments are now available at the clinic with or without treatment. It will depend on your needs, injury or sport to how you are assessed. As well as your standard osteopathic examination, you may also be assessed on the treadmill, spinning bike or through diagnostic functional exercises to enable us to establish any muscle imbalances, and key areas of  weakness throughout the body that may be contributing to an injury.

We will be able to give you a bespoke exercise plan with the aim of improving your bodies function, to rehabilitate after injury and with a view to preventing injury in the future. We can offer advice and prescribe orthotics (insoles) if needed. The orthotics are an additional cost to the biomechanical assessment.

We aim to work in conjunction with each other at the practice so an individual exercise plan can be made to complete at home, or in the gym. If you would like to work with our personal trainer in our own gym, he can be involved in the process too, aiming to reduce the risk of injury in your sport, improve specific needs or rebuild your body.

Both Andy and Katherine have strong sporting backgrounds and a wealth of experience in treating sports injuries, rehabilitation and remedial massage. During her career Katherine has worked as a sports therapist for international dance competitors as well as professional football and rugby teams. Andy also has many years’ experience treating sports injuries and providing rehabilitation and injury prevention across a wide spectrum of sporting disciplines and levels, ranging from weekend sportsmen and women to professional athletes.

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