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Joint Pain and Osteoarthritis

After the lovely summer weather we have had, we will really notice the cooler and damp weather which often reflects in an increase in the number of patients attending the clinic with joint aches and pains. The most common cause of these symptoms is osteoarthritis. In...

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Back Pain

Understanding back pain So called mechanical back pain is the most common reason that between 3-4 million people in the UK every year seek advice and treatment from Registered Osteopaths. Mechanical back pain can vary from an occasional mild ache to constant severe...

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Osteopathy during pregnancy

Pregnancy Pain During pregnancy it produces the largest postural change that a woman’s body will undergo. For many years, Osteopaths have used their skills to help relieve pregnancy pain and the aches and pains caused by weight and posture changes during and after...

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At this time we may all be exposed to increased levels of stress. The credit crunch, instability at work, financial worries, family and relationship problems are all good examples of what causes stress in our society. As Christmas approaches the pressure to earn the...

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The pain and stiffness of frozen shoulder can affect up to 1 in 50 people a year in the UK and is one of the most common shoulder problems. It can make daily tasks such as dressing and driving very difficult and sleeping can become disturbed. Many people don’t realise...

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Feet are an area of the body that some of us neglect and forget until they start to hurt. Considering the fact that the foot is the main point of contact to the ground and the many miles we must walk in a life time, they are an area that we should look after. In our...

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It has been reported in the news recently that the number of people getting headaches is on the rise, with a great percentage of these being triggered by painkillers. In fact, studies have shown that people who take painkillers on a regular basis (more than 15 times...

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With all the good weather we have recently had inspires us to get stuck into our gardens. A recent survey by Gardeners World recently documented that gardens are generally happier than non gardeners! However, hours of pruning, weeding, lifting and digging can make you...

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